FieldVu | Energy Services Software

The More You Know, The Better You Can Manage.

Finally, there's an easy way to see the whole picture.

In the highly competitive oilfield services industry, there's only one way to survive: be profitable. Whether your business is construction, drilling, rentals, services or equipment, it's essential to have complete command of:

  • Cost: What does it cost to run your equipment and employ your people?
  • Profit: Which parts of a project are making you or losing you money?
  • Time: How many hours are on each piece of equipment?

Companies that can't see the whole picture on cost, profit and time may be busy, but their profitability will suffer. That's why more and more oilfield service and supply companies are discovering FieldVu from VistaVu Solutions.

360-Degree Visibility

FieldVu is an all-in-one business software solution built on SAP® Business One. It allows you to monitor and manage everything that matters to your business: from initial job and contract set-up, job and unit costing, dispatch, field ticketing, labor, equipment rentals, maintenance, billing and payroll.

With FieldVu, you'll spend less time looking for information and more time managing the growth of your business. You'll improve productivity, reduce costs, anticipate challenges and seize new opportunities like never before.

Know in Real-Time

Many oilfield service companies don't know whether or not a job will be profitable until all the paperwork comes together. That's too late. With FieldVu, you can monitor and manage your projects as they happen, and make adjustments as needed. You'll know the timing and profitability of all parts of your projects at all times.

Created Specifically for Oilfield Service Companies

With many years of working with oilfield service companies, VistaVu has an intimate understanding of how companies make money - and how they can lose it, too. Using SAP Business One as the platform, VistaVu developed FieldVu as an industry specific add-on to meet the specific requirements of businesses that compete in this space.

An Intuitive, Easy-To-Use Interface

The genius of SAP Business One is that while the software's capabilities are complex, using the program is simple. Your team at VistaVu has done many successful implementations of SAP Business One and FieldVu for oilfield service companies. With a modest amount of training and transition, you'll be up and running before you know it.

Inside FieldVu: The Key Functions

Job Costing
Which jobs are making you money or losing you money? FieldVu's job costing feature gives you real-time visibility into the profitability of any job, project or work order.

Manage your rentals process from one screen, including scheduling, equipment movement, and billing rates and cycles. It's about timely and accurate invoicing made easy. 

Unit Costing
FieldVu allows you to track costs for materials, labor and third-party activity down to the penny, for instant profit-loss insight.

Work Orders
FieldVu brings all of your systems together (service and repair, billing and payroll), along with historical records of work performed. You'll improve efficiency and save money.

Third-Party Billing
FieldVu ensures that all items you purchase for a job end up on the customer's invoice. You'll never get stuck with unbilled costs again.

Field Tickets
Keying field tickets into multiple systems is asking for trouble - expensive trouble. With FieldVu, everything goes through one system that accurately and seamlessly unites billing, costing and payroll.

Where's your equipment at? FieldVu tells you in real-time whether your equipment is out on a specific job site, in transit or sitting idle and available for dispatch.

HRM & Certifications
Missed compliance and certification deadlines can cost you time and money. FieldVu alerts you when staff certifications or compliance requirements are coming up.

Labor Sheet
Capture every hour for every employee, every time. FieldVu makes it easy to analyze hours spent on current or completed jobs and what incidents (if any) occurred.


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