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By Tammy Cho, Director of Marketing & Customer Advocacy at VistaVu Solutions

Digital transformation through technologies such as Cloud ERP continues to help businesses scale through enhanced decision-making, improved functional collaboration, and optimized systems. For one diversified company, it led to a complete business model transformation by leveraging more robust functionality in modern technology systems to accelerate growth.


From Outdated Accounting System to Fully Integrated Cloud ERP Solution

Nova Services Inc. is a diversified oilfield service company supplying drilling fluids, liquid mud, and several other services within the US. Since 1989, the company has expanded into new divisions and product lines quickly.

Today, the company operates multiple businesses under its umbrella, including Akome, Nova Mud, Nova Trucking, SN Energy and Nova Sand.


The Challenge: Diversification Required a More Comprehensive View of Every Division

Expansion wasn’t always simple for Nova Services. The outdated accounting system that the company started with had created a frustrating user experience and it lacked the scalability and visibility that Nova needed in order to grow. With a vision for the future, the company saw the need to assess their digital roadmap and put a plan in place.

“Expanding into new divisions and new product lines meant that we needed more flexibility and access to information—improved invoice layouts and incorporation of fields that customers requested, as well as quick access to accounts receivable.” —Gerald Bromley, CFO, Nova Services

Nova required a reliable system to be the backbone of their organization to enable better business decisions, improve reporting across divisions, and give users the ability to do their work in a remote environment.

In addition to these needs, Nova had a team that was already accustomed to older technologies, so it was important to find a solution they could adopt quickly with proper change management practices.


The Solution: SAP Business ByDesign & Further Integrations Through Dell Boomi

After investigating several options, Nova selected SAP Business One and VistaVu’s FieldVu product for field service management. This unique pairing of solutions made it the perfect solution for Nova’s new business model.

In a period of six months, VistaVu worked closely with Nova’s team to implement SAP Business One (on-prem) with a FieldVu integration, and demonstrated immediate results through new invoicing capabilities, quick access to more data, and timelier payments. However, with the company’s continued growth and expansion, it didn’t take long for them to outgrow the capabilities in SAP Business One.

Five years after the company’s initial implementation, Nova migrated to SAP Business ByDesign, a comprehensive cloud solution that delivered simplified financial management and visibility across their many divisions.

Nova’s most recent focus has been on increasing operational efficiency by reducing the manual effort required by their team. They identified a need to improve data flows by integrating their different applications and engaged with VistaVu to build an integration between SAP Business ByDesign and OpenInvoice using Dell Boomi middleware.


The Result: Consolidated Reporting & Increased Visibility into Company Health

After the adoption of SAP Business ByDesign, the company saw the benefits of a transformed business model that is supported by a trusted digital core. They immediately gained deeper insights into each division’s health.

For example, they could view a comprehensive tax return P&L for the entire company easily. They could also gather reports quickly to see deeper insights into each business unit. The Nova team now trusts their data to improve business decisions.

“I like the ability to integrate and collaborate with other data sets and to be more efficient, to pull information from more places and gather it in one spot. That’s the future—one place to tell you all this information from all of these different places.” —Gerald Bromley, CFO, Nova Services

Through FieldVu and Dell Boomi, Nova can generate accurate invoices automatically with the details requested by customers. As a result, they receive timely payment, which directly impacts the company’s bottom line.

Results in Numbers:

  • 30% faster purchase order validation while simplifying related order entry and tracking
  • 1—the number of touches it takes to generate P&Ls for multiple divisions and consolidated operations
  • 5—business units and divisions leveraging the same technology platforms

With the right technology in place, Nova Services continues along their digital journey to improve its processes, gain better business clarity, increase support to their field engineers, and improve their overall customer and employee experience.


VistaVu: Your Partner in Digital Transformation

How are you increasing efficiency in your organization? VistaVu’s team can connect you with a network of customers to learn about their different digital journeys. To see how Nova achieved this transformation, reach out to our team here. 

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March 30, 2021