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SAP Business ByDesign Partner

Ready to take your business to new heights? We help your fast-growing, mid-market business streamline core functions and leverage real-time analytics so you can compete and scale effectively. Contact us to learn how easy it is.

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Your Trusted Technology Partner



Faster Go-Live

We use best practices learned from experience. Reach Go-Live in weeks with predictable costs.



Exceptional Experience

Recognized for unique customer success programs that drive post-launch support & services.



Maximize Investment ROI

Our team brings the product expertise to ensure solutions deliver on business goals



Grow Beyond ERP

We help you add technology to your digital core as you grow (Integration, Automation, IoT).


Specialized SAP ByDesign Partner

From finance to supply chain management to customer support, your critical business processes can be united and automated in a single platform. Combining ERP and CRM into one system, SAP Business ByDesign is a cloud-based, scalable, ‘suite in a box’ that helps businesses gain better visibility into their operations. Start simple with the core processes you need, then easily add more functionality as your business grows. It’s designed to be comprehensive, flexibleand fully scalable to include modulessuch as accounting & finance, human resources, CRM, supply chain management, and more


Magnet-Schultz of America | Leveraging the Power of a True Partnership

With over 200 employees, Magnet-Schultz of America (MSA) is a global electromagnetic device designer and manufacturer.

Challenge: MSA lacked a reliable SAP partner who understood their business and had extensive knowledge and experience with SAP Business ByDesign. They needed a technology partner that could help them improve their supply chain and financial processes to advance their digital transformation efforts.

Result: By partnering with VistaVu, MSA improved their quality control, forecasting, and reporting processes to better manage and utilize large volumes of data. They’ve implemented barcoding for more efficient data collection and use FiFo which has saved them over 720 hours per week.

Scale & Customize

payment-runs-sap-business-bydesignAre you tired of managing countless apps to keep your business organized? SAP Business ByDesign makes it easy to manage your entire business, all in one place, so you can focus on continuing to grow and scale.

With an array of customizations, you can make your business more efficient now — and customize more in the future.

  • Intelligent Cloud ERP
  • Rapid Time to Value
  • Complete Business Visibility
  • Better Corporate Alignment

Unify All Core Functions with an End-To-End Business Suite

ByD_Wheel_NewSAP Business ByDesign has the core features you need to manage your entire business.

  • Keep your customer data organized with natively integrated CRM.
  • Manage accounts in real time for multiple currencies, standards, and more.
  • Simplify HR processes with intuitive self-service tools.
  • Streamline your purchase tracking and procurement data storage.
  • Manage projects big or small with effective and efficient collaboration.
  • Gain control over, and easily organize, your entire supply chain operation.

With a partner that can customize SAP Business ByDesign, this solution will grow with you and always meet demands.

More Partner Value

iStock-1162109925-1024x606-2“Digital transformation is increasingly becoming a strategic differentiator for middle market businesses” (National Center for the Middle Market). As a greater technology partner, we work with you to:

  • Leverage the same trends as the big players (AI, BI, IoT), without the huge budget.
  • Extend solutions to further optimize & automate processes.
  • Collaborate on new solutions to differentiate as an innovative leader.
  • Enable the resilience and agility required to navigate through disruptions.

Move away from a reactive approach to technology. We collaborate to add innovations to your digital core that deliver a tangible advantage.

Take The Complexity Out of Technology Adoption


Strategic Planning


Our teams have experienced business consultants (Previous MNP, PwC) that help you:

  • Lay out a technology growth plan with a timeline and predicted costs.
  • Analyze & ensure technology adoption meets business goals.



Our certified, experienced team delivers a smooth implementation.

  • Best-practices get you to Go-Live faster, often within 8-12 weeks.
  • Predictable costs to maximize your ROI while minimizing headaches.

Training & Support


We ensure end-users get the maximum value from solutions:

  • Certified experts train users at every level. Access our self-serve resources and Q&A sessions.
  • Our support team quickly resolves issues to prevent down-time.



Our solutions adapt to your business, not the other way around:

  • Business & product experts identify areas for improvement.
  • Developers create customizations according to your needs.
  • Pre-built industry add ons.



Our specialized integration team unifies your systems & data:

  • Connect to in-house software or other end-point solutions.
  • Automation to reduce data entry.
  • Scale without additional specialized IT personnel.

Continuous Growth


We work with you as a technology partner for long term growth:

  • We bring mid-market expertise to help you thrive as you grow.
  • Leverage our innovation technologies (AI, IoT) which are influenced by customer needs.

Technology to Thrive In Your Industry


Wholesale Distribution

In 2021, VistaVu acquired AchieveIT Solutions, recognized as a top partner for Wholesale Distribution. This unique industry expertise is applied to deliver services & solutions that drive an efficient end-to-end supply chain. Optimize freight, shipping, and warehouse operations for reduced costs and increased revenue.




Optimize your distribution, logistics, and warehouse management operations. Mobile capable and fully integrated with Business One for an all-in-one solution.

Industrial Field Services & Rentals

Still using paper tickets or spreadsheets? We have a dedicated team that helps IFS companies manage a large field staff and thousands of assets, profitably. Our R&D team created a complete field service management solution, with unique features like predictive maintenance and automated billing/accounting.






Streamline processes from field ticket to invoice. Offline capability, dispatch scheduling, and asset management functionality. Fully integrated with SAP ERP.

Let’s Take Your Business to New Heights

Tell us about your goals and challenges. Our mid-market experts help you build a structured plan to reach business goals with Cloud ERP & technology adoption. Get in touch.