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Expert In Wholesale Distribution

Our team has over 25 years of wholesale distribution experience and have developed industry-specific software to help you grow and innovate. Get in touch today to discuss your challenges.


The Key Growth Challenges for Distributor

Poor Inventory Management

Inventory-Management-SVG-Isometric-Wholesale-DistributionAs distributors scale, having a clear understanding of inventory levels is critical in maintaining an efficient supply chain. Without clear visibility into stock levels, distributors are left unable to fulfill orders leading to long delays for customers.

Take a proactive approach to procure stock with a sophisticated inventory management solution. Easily forecast and replenish inventory based on an established procedure to effectively manage timelines and quantities – fulfilling your customer’s orders on time, every time.

Strengthening Customer Experience

Customer-Experience-SVG-Isometric-WD-Page-2Customer expectations are at an all-time high and must be met to compete with the big players. Between increasing consumer demands around fast delivery and supply chain visibility, distributors are required to adapt their services to maintain competitiveness.

Automating processes and integrating your supply chain is critical to strengthen the customer experience. Better communication through automated updates can reduce the burden on your support team. Integrated processes like EDI speed up operations while preventing time-costly errors.

Lack of Visibility & Reporting

Visibility-Reporting-SVG-Isometric-Wholesale-Distribution-1It is vital for distributors to have complete visibility into every aspect of their business to ensure that customer demand is consistently met in a timely manner. Reviewing this information through reports can help companies iterate on their processes to improve profitability.

Review critical business processes to identify areas that could use improved visibility and invest in technology to forecast and manage supply and demand. The right solution should produce comprehensive reports to help guide better business decisions.

Surviving Industry Disruption

Disruption-eCommerce-SVG-Isometric-WD-PageThe distribution industry is experiencing rapid change and companies are having to pivot to maintain competitiveness. Rising customer expectations are driving distributors to provide a more integrated and seamless experience to keep up with big-name competitors.

Data, analytics, and technology will help distribution companies survive the current disruption and equip them with the information they need to thrive. A comprehensive warehouse management solution can streamline processes and provide visibility into every aspect of the business.

Implementing an Integrated Supply Chain Has Helped Distributors:


Reduce Order Errors to Less than 0.1%


Manage 1,000+ Different SKU Codes a Month


Expand Warehouse Capabilities By 4x

1.5 M

Process 1.5 Million Units Per Month Efficiently


Steps Towards an Integrated Supply Chain


Unify Disconnected Systems to Automate & Establish a Single Source of Truth

An integrated solution adds scalable functionality without the need for additional labor to keep systems working together. Integrated supply chain software should work in harmony with your ERP right out of the box. Our distribution solution Resolv uses the same database structure as SAP ERP so data is automatically synced across locations, detailed reports can be pulled without complex queries, and automated workflows that use various modules can be built with integrations that exist natively.


All-In-One Package: Distribution Management Software + SAP ERP

As an SAP Gold Partner we are able to deliver a rapid ERP implementation with a smooth go-live. Our industry specific software, Resolv, extends ERP into a scalable solution to manage wholesale distribution operations. Our specialized team can deploy additional customizations and managed services to address your specific business challenges.


An Integrated Strategy for Disruption: National Association of Wholesale Distributors

Throughout 2021, the National Association of Wholesalers-Distributors (NAW) conducted research to better understand the relationship between distributors, customers, and suppliers to find innovative ways to differentiate and maintain competitiveness. Learn more about the eight principles of distribution disruption and how they can help wholesaler-distributors remain the most effective and efficient channel in distribution.


Are You an SAP Partner Looking for a Distribution Add-On?

We work with SAP Partners globally to provide a fully integrated distribution extension to SAP ERP. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our partner program.