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So, you’re a mid-sized business looking to boost your profitability?

Let’s talk about Resolv. This cloud-based ERP and supply chain solution could be your game-changer. Designed to be tightly integrated with SAP Business One, Resolv streamlines your logistics, distribution, and warehouse tasks. Imagine having advanced pricing, inventory planning, and even equipment rentals all under one roof. The goal? Healthier cash flows and a happier workforce.

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Cutting Costs, the Resolv Way:

Cost reduction is one of the golden tickets to higher profits. Resolv achieves this by automating rote work, enhancing operational visibility, and fostering better teamwork. Take the freight management feature, for example. You get real-time shipping status and can negotiate better rates with carriers. Translation: Lower shipping costs and a well-oiled supply chain.

Streamlining Operations:

What about automating supply chain tasks? The Resolv Warehouse Management System (WMS) is engineered to optimize your picking and packing activities. This means you can say goodbye to wasted labor costs and hello to accuracy in fulfilling orders.

Driving Efficiency Through Real-Time Insights:

A well-run business needs a dashboard, and Resolv provides real-time visibility. Tracking inventory status and location? No problem. Resolv’s WMS ensures you’ll rarely, if ever, face stockouts and can keep customer promises for on-time delivery.

Boosting Collaboration:

The Resolv CRM adds another layer by helping you instantly track customer interactions and share critical info with suppliers. Not only does this improve customer service, but it also cuts down order fulfillment times.

Gearing Up for More Sales:

Let’s talk revenue. Resolv’s CRM capabilities can point out upselling and cross-selling opportunities. Additionally, its robust inventory management ensures you’re neither overstocked nor understocked. Simply put, more potential for sales and higher customer satisfaction.

The Takeaway:

Resolv is more than just a tool—it’s your strategic partner for boosting profitability and efficiency. Automated tasks, real-time operational insights, and better collaboration make it a must-have for any mid-sized business looking to level up.

A Real-World Success Story:

Consider this distributor of electronic components. They were grappling with stockouts and losing sales, which, as you can imagine, didn’t sit well with their customers. They decided to roll the dice on Resolv, focusing on better supply chain and order management. The result?

A remarkable 50% drop in stockouts and a 10% uptick in order fulfillment rates. Bonus: they even negotiated better deals with their suppliers and reduced shipping costs.


A hefty 15% rise in profitability and a noticeable dip in customer complaints. Resolv clearly brought its A-game here.

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October 12, 2023