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As an industrial field service company focused on growth, you must manage multiple branches and execute projects seamlessly on behalf of your customers. As you scale, it can become difficult to manage all of your critical resources, from equipment to field staff. This is especially true if you have a lot of resources (assets) and your existing systems are falling short in helping you manage them.

Do Any of These Situations Sound Familiar?

How many of these issues can you relate to?

  • “Because our Operations Department is separate from our Dispatch Department, we’ve had to search more times than we’d like to admit to locate equipment that we’ve sent out to the field.”
  • “We have multiple systems across departments, which has led to redundancies and questions of which system is our source of truth for our resources.”
  • “The equipment we run requires ongoing maintenance and repairs, but our workflows for sending equipment into the field are separate from our workflows for maintenance.”
  • “Our current systems don’t allow for real-time data, making it difficult for us to see what’s available to move from site to site or which equipment needs to come in for repairs.”

Asset management doesn’t have to be this challenging. You can solve issues like these and more by implementing a single system that acts as your one source of truth.


Easier, More Efficient Asset Management Is Possible

Asset management is fundamental to how your field service or rental company operates. And your asset management system and processes are at the heart of how you do business every day.

As the leader of your company’s operations, you understand the value of extending functionality and automating what you can to maximize utilization. By harnessing the power of the right technology, you can overcome challenges like those mentioned above—challenges that will stop you from scaling if left unaddressed.

Consider how an asset management system catered to your needs can help you with areas like:

  • Utilization: As you grow, so will your number of assets. You’ll require a single source of truth while growing to ensure you avoid issues relating to underutilization.
  • Reporting: The faster you understand what’s happening with your resources, the faster you can respond. Real-time reporting and trend analysis is essential to making good decisions when trying to operate at scale.
  • Maintenance: At scale, maintenance can make or break your business. Being reactive to broken equipment costs you and your customer. Tracking maintenance and performing required tasks when the equipment is available is key to growing your business.
  • System efficiency: As you scale, you’ll likely realize that, while you may be using best-of-breed systems, they don’t communicate with each other. It’s getting to the point where managing these disconnected systems is getting in the way of actually running operations. Connecting these systems (e.g., ERP, Field Service, Rentals, Telematics/IoT) is becoming more important and valuable to you.
  • Billing: To scale, you need to drive more efficiencies in the flow of information for accurate invoicing. The more impediments you can remove in the workflow from utilization to invoicing, the better.


FieldVu: Simplified Asset Tracking & Automation for the Field Service Industry

FieldVu enables you to meet the challenges associated with the field service industry head-on. In fact, FieldVu has streamlined processes on behalf of our customers to increase revenue by 35% and decrease labor by 25%.


How Does it Work?

FieldVu is an all-in-one solution that includes components for the back-office and the field, leveraging IIoT technology to automate key processes such as enterprise asset management. This ensures all of your assets are tracked and managed from one single system.


FieldVu Back-Office

Your back-office is the hub of activity for your business. It can also be a hub of mundane work that decreases productivity. Through FieldVu Back-Office, you can reduce administrative tasks, improve your inventory management and centralize your system for efficient management of your assets.

Some of the ways Back-Office can support your back-end include:

  • Scheduling: FieldVu Back-Office features an easy drag-and-drop interface for scheduling your resources and dispatching your assets.
  • Equipment management: You’ll have a full view of your equipment, including what’s currently out in the field and what’s going to require routine maintenance.
  • Maintenance planning: You can pre-plan your maintenance to align with field service projects to boost company productivity and revenue.
  • Reporting: Make critical business decisions with the detailed reports built into the software.


FieldVu Mobile

Your asset management system should support your field workers, not frustrate them with laborious tasks and tickets. FieldVu Mobile delivers modern tools to field workers, including:

  • Field ticketing: FieldVu Mobile enables field workers to populate tickets automatically from their devices. As a result, you can provide accurate invoices to your customers.
  • Work orders: Field workers can track all their required billable or non-billable maintenance repairs from the field.
  • Work approvals: FieldVu Mobile makes it easy for workers to gather approval on-site from customers before they leave.

FieldVu Mobile delivers real-time visibility, so you can address issues that arise in the field from anywhere. Plus, the tool is available online or offline so your workers never lose access to critical features. All data captured in the field is shared via Cloud with the back office.


FieldVu IIoT

The industrial internet of things  (IIoT) is changing the way many companies do business. It’s time to take advantage of it. Through the use of IIoT sensors, you can automate your processes and gain real-time insights about your assets and your workflow.

FieldVu IIoT includes automation for asset data capture as well as:

  • Asset usage tracking: You can easily see how your equipment is being used to take advantage of preventative maintenance. This usage data will also help you send accurate invoices. All of this happens remotely through IoT.
  • Automated billing: Invoices can be automatically prepared with one click based on usage data pulled straight from your assets.
  • Automated dispatch: Through IIoT and FieldVu IIoT, your equipment can be empowered to manage its own dispatch activity, saving you time and cash.

VistaVu: Your Partner in Asset Management

Implementing a new asset management solution can feel overwhelming, especially when you have so much already on your plate. VistaVu Solutions is your partner, helping you take advantage of the technology that’s available to you.

We offer an affordable cost model and deep ERP integration through our SAP Gold partnership. Plus, we’ll do what it takes to develop functionality that’s specific to your needs and the number of assets you have. We make it happen with over 20 years of experience and plenty of success on behalf of our customers.

Take Your Field Service Management to the Next Level

The best way to ensure your business remains profitable and productive is by embracing technological change. FieldVu, our field service software, uses the Cloud, mobile technology and automation to empower you to scale.

From field ticket to final invoice, FieldVu gives you complete power over your process—regardless of your number of assets. To learn more about FieldVu or to schedule a demo, reach out to our team today.

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April 14, 2021