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Why Conduct an ERP Assessment?

An ERP assessment is a valuable undertaking that can unlock the full potential of your business. By delving into the intricacies of your processes and operations, this evaluation provides valuable insights and recommendations for improvement. Here are a few key reasons why you should consider an ERP assessment:

1. Identify Inefficiencies: Seasoned consultants will closely examine your current system set-up and how it aligns with your business functions. Through this assessment, they can identify any inefficiencies, bottlenecks, or gaps that hinder your workflow. By uncovering these pain points, you can strategically address them, optimize your processes, and achieve streamlined operations.

2. Address Knowledge Gaps: Employee turnover and new hires can create gaps in knowledge and proficiency with your ERP system. During the assessment, consultants will evaluate the level of understanding among your users and system administrators. This analysis helps identify areas where additional training or support might be required to enhance system utilization. By bridging these knowledge gaps, you can empower your team to effectively leverage the capabilities of the ERP system.

3. Gain Actionable Recommendations: Through observations and interviews, consultants gather valuable information about your operations. This data is then compiled into a comprehensive Recommendations presentation. This report outlines the identified gaps or inefficiencies and proposes actionable recommendations for improvement. The recommendations are accompanied by a clear understanding of their impact and the effort required for implementation. This empowers you to make informed decisions and prioritize the recommended actions based on your business goals and resources.

In conclusion, an ERP assessment offers an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of your business processes, address knowledge gaps, and receive actionable recommendations. By embracing this evaluation, you can optimize your operations, enhance system utilization, and drive overall business efficiency and success.

Who should Conduct my Assessment?

During these engagements, VistaVu’s senior consultants conduct a thorough assessment of your business scenarios to identify various aspects that may need improvement. This includes pinpointing inefficiencies within your processes, identifying gaps between the existing processes and the way your business operates, and addressing knowledge gaps among your users, particularly considering factors like employee turnover and new hires.

The scope of work for these engagements entails a comprehensive analysis of the entire as-is business scenario, such as Order to Cash or Procure to Pay. VistaVu achieves this by observing your users as they navigate each step of the process and conducting interviews to gain insights into any gaps or inefficiencies. Additionally, they engage in discussions with users and system administrators to understand the desired to-be business scenario.

Following the analysis, VistaVu prepares a Recommendations presentation, which reiterates the observations made and presents the requirements and proposed recommendations. These recommendations are accompanied by an assessment of their impact and the effort required for implementation. At this point, the customer has the opportunity to select which recommendations they would like to proceed with. Depending on the scope and complexity, these recommendations can be entered as support tickets or may require a dedicated project to be undertaken.

In conclusion, an ERP assessment is a valuable tool that can help businesses identify process inefficiencies, knowledge gaps, and receive actionable recommendations for improvement. Through this evaluation, businesses can optimize their operations, enhance system utilization, and drive overall efficiency and success. VistaVu’s senior consultants conduct a thorough analysis of your business scenario, pinpointing inefficiencies and identifying gaps to deliver a recommendations presentation. By embracing an ERP assessment, businesses can unlock their full potential and maximize growth opportunities.

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July 11, 2023