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Lately, there’s been a great deal of talk in the marketplace – mostly by SAP Competitors – about the future of SAP Business ByDesign. At VistaVu, we take pride in providing the most up to date information to the market and wanted to share a summary of a recent communication exchange between our executive team and the Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises SAP SE management team.

The current state of SAP ByDesign: The SAP management team emphasized the growth in revenue projections for SAP Business ByDesign, mentioning an expectation of continuous addition of net new customers in 2023. SAP ByDesign remains on the price list and is being sold by partners as a mature and complete solution. They also indicated that the ongoing development efforts focus on user experience, localization, security, and additional web services. Finally, the team at SAP referenced both Gartner Group (both service centric MQ and product centric MQ) and IDC included ByD in their 2023 ratings (quite favorably).

Our team at VistaVu also inquired specifically about any plans to retire SAP by design by the year 2030 referencing a presentation where this timeline might have been mentioned. The SAP team clarified that there is currently no fixed retirement date for SAP ByDesign mentioning existing contracts now extend until 2029 and potential renewal options that could extend support into 2031.

SAP’s official position on SAP ByDesign

SAP 's official stance on SAP Business ByDesign is as follows:

  1. SAP Business ByDesign is a mature and complete solution available on the price list for customers and partners
  2. Ongoing development efforts are focused on enhancing user experience localization security and integrating additional web services
  3. There is no fixed retirement date for SAP by design at present with existing contracts extending until 2029 and potential renewal options that could extend support into 2031

Competitors of SAP continue to misrepresent the phasing of Business ByDesign as a mature and complete solution to mean that is is no longer in development.  This is not the case as indicated previously.

For small and mid-sized customers wanting a native cloud solution from SAP, Business ByDesign remains a great choice.  Can we help you learn more?

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December 19, 2023