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In this episode, our host and Director of Marketing Marc Binkley teams up with Phil Kirkham, VistaVu’s Director of Sales, Net New, to interview Rainer Zinow, SVP of SAP Mid-Market Product Management.

In an hour-long discussion, they evaluate the diverse aspects of SAP’s future vision for mid-market; from enabling solutions to new enterprise needs and anticipating international growth, to the potential of integrating the intelligence of developing technologies like Chat GPT into core business processes.

Watch episode 3 now to learn more about how SAP is positioning itself within mid-market through product management and enhancing customer opportunities through technology.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 1:45 Rainer’s professional experience
  • 5:30 Rainer’s IoT – Internet of Things – energy App
  • 9:07 Designing products in the Mid-Market
  • 10:20 Assessing enterprise needs beyond the “Microsoft Excel Hell”
  • 13:05 Translating technology into consumer opportunities
  • 15:15 Enabling technologies of SAP BTP – Business Technology Platform
  • 21:07 SAP’s solutions to IT expenditures in core capabilities
  • 25:55 Navigating system complexities and continuity
  • 29:00 How does SAP target the market?
  • 34:54 Establishing a digital marketplace
  • 37:45 Visions for future partnerships
  • 40:30 Projecting international enterprise reach
  • 45:15 Anticipating new dimensions of risk, Supply Chain challenges in COVID-19
  • 48:10 Asking Chat GPT: How does SAP contribute to the digital transformation of it’s customers?
  • 50:45 Ensuring SAP’s reliability alongside technology advancements
  • 53:58 VistaVu building on SAP’s technological foundation
  • 54:50 Concluding remarks

We hope you enjoy and find value in this new VistaVu resource. Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels to discover when new episodes will air and share your thoughts on topics we should consider for future episodes.

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March 24, 2023