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Welcome to The Vu, Episode 2: Creating a Vision Before Digital Transformation. In this episode, our Director of Marketing Marc Binkley sits down with VistaVu’s Tony Balasubramanian, SVP of Business Strategy, and Brian Hawkins, Director of Operations for Big Steel Box, to discuss how using intentionality and visioning can create a force for change that drives the process of digital transformation. 

Episode timestamps:
0:00 Introduction
1:46 Digital transformation and brand promise
3:01 Enabling digital transformation
5:00 Digital transformation vs. business transformation
14:02 The path to digital transformation
17:06 The importance of having a Digital Vision
23:06 Storytelling to align on vision
32:53 Operationalizing a Digital Vision
35:46 What to consider when creating a Digital Vision
41:05 Lessons learned
46:05 Integration as part of the Digital Vision
49:34 Using personas to make decisions
53:15 Digital Vision in the future

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The Vu is an information program for business leaders and decision-makers looking for credible resources that can help their company RUN GREAT! We intend to invite industry experts and customers who can provide useful information, practical knowledge, and insightful perspectives on challenges and risks facing many businesses today. 

We hope you enjoy and find value in this VistaVu resource. Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels to discover when new episodes will air, and share your thoughts on topics we should consider for future episodes. 

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January 31, 2023