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Industrial Field Services & Rentals Technology

Our team has 15+ years of experience working with IFS & rentals companies and has developed industry-specific solutions to help you stay competitive with innovation.




Staying Profitable in a Competitive Market

As companies that generate revenue from field services, equipment rental, or repair services grow they face a plethora of problems that hold them back from scaling profitably. Running efficiently can seem impossible when you have a large work force for multi-day jobs, thousands of assets & equipment to manage, and paper-based processes that are slow and error-prone. It can be intimidating to invest in technology amidst disruption, but IDC Analytics reports that companies who prioritize digital transformation and support their workforce with technology are 2x more likely to report revenue growth, and 4x less likely to report a decline in revenue.

With ERP + Field Service Management Software, enterprises have achieved:


Reduced time to close the books


Reduced DSO (Days Sales Outstanding)


Increase in productivity of their purchasing group

20 Hours

Saved per employee per month for a team

IIoT & Predictive Maintenance

IoT_FieldVu_Isometric_GraphicWhether you are managing your own assets or are looking to automate asset rental operations, having strong visibility is essential. With the right data and control you can reduce asset downtime which often costs enterprises hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Predictive maintenance can save you time, money, and materials. Instead of waiting for something to go wrong you can see issues ahead of time and send the right technician to address the problem.

Mobile Applications for Field Staff

Mobile_FIeldVu_Isometric_GraphicA prominent trend is to empower field staff with mobile technology. This allows field workers to have relevant data at hand under any conditions. Mobile tools can also vastly improve efficiency as they replace error-prone processes such as paper tracking with quick & easy to use digital methods.

By having access to customer & job information, field technicians can deliver better services that increase customer satisfaction which in turn drive revenue. With efficient tools, operation costs and unnecessary time spent on jobs are reduced.

Automating Office Processes

BackOffice_FieldVu_Isometric_Graphic_PNGAs a company grows, administrative staff can often be over-whelmed by increasing paper work. Repetitive tasks such as manual data entry are open to human error and lead to slow and inaccurate document creation.

Back-office processes can be streamlined to be done in single clicks which leads to improved cash flow and reduced DSO. Management tasks such as scheduling & dispatch can be optimized with simple interfaces to get the right field staff on the job with minimal work in the back-end.

All-In-One Package: Field Service Management Software + SAP ERP

As an SAP Gold Partner we are able to deliver a rapid ERP implementation with a smooth go-live. Our industry specific software, FieldVu, extends ERP into a scalable solution to manage field services & rentals operations. Our specialized team can deploy additional customizations and managed services to adress your specific business challenges.

A Single System for Multiple Revenue Sources

Manage field staff, equipment rentals, and repair services – all within a single system. FieldVu is a suite of components that work in harmony with your ERP to provide a complete field service management solution. FieldVu leverages modern technologies such as Cloud, Mobile, and IoT to help companies get better visibility and control over operations. Streamline processes from field ticket to invoice while automating mundane work to drive profitability.


Industrial Field Services & Rentals Case Studies

We see the same problems arise for mid-sized ($10M-$1B) IFS & rentals companies. Paper based processes, disparate software, and incomplete visibility cripple scalability. Inefficiences are magnified as the company acquires companies or consolidates business units. You want to gain a competitive advantage with technology but aren’t sure if the investment will deliver a positive ROI. VistaVu works with each customer to understand their business and drive continuous improvement long after implementation.

Visit our success stories page and filter by industry to see more Industrial Field Services & Rentals case studies.


Are You an SAP Partner Looking for a Field Services or Asset Rental Add-On?

We work with SAP Partners globally to provide fully integrated industry extensions to SAP ERP. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our partner program.