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Boomi B2B/EDI: How to Modernize Your B2B Network

Boomi B2B/EDI: Modernize your B2B network with Boomi's intelligent cloud application platform. Discover the benefits of Boomi EDI Integration and how it can save costs, streamline processes, and enhance security for your business.



In today’s digitally-focused world, connectivity is crucial for the success of any business. This is exactly where Boomi comes in with its state-of-the-art intelligent cloud application platform as a service, iPaaS. But why exactly would you want to use Boomi’s iPaaS platform? What exactly is Boomi B2B/EDI? What are the benefits of Boomi EDI Integration?


The Power of EDI

Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI for short, is the electronic exchange of business information by using clear standards. In other words, it’s a technology that assists trading organizations and their partners to collaborate and complete work faster by accelerating logistics timelines and prevent manual errors from B2B communication automation. EDI is most valuable for organizations that produce, purchase, sell and ship goods or offer services — such as manufacturers, healthcare providers, retailers, airlines, and others.

The concept of EDI first came around in the 1960s but recently started gaining momentum by providing supply chain automation and being an essential workflow component to drive for business process automation. EDI allows a company to send information to another company digitally instead of using paper. Those businesses that conduct digital business over EDI are known as trading partners.

Various business documents are exchanged via EDI, but the two most common ones are invoices and orders. EDI prevents the need for mail handling and preparation, which is common in conventional business communication. And the greatest advantage of EDI is that it communicates business information in a standard way, while delivering it through a “paperless” exchange.



Why Businesses Need Boomi to Succeed

Boomi is a business unit that Dell purchased in 2010 and it operates as a cloud-based integration platform as a service or IPaaS. With that, companies can integrate applications, customers, and partners online through a visual designer as well as numerous pre-configured components.  Boomi is unique because it connects a vast range of objects with one another, including employees, applications, processes, devices, and data  



3 Reasons to Choose Boomi B2B/EDI Integration

There are a variety of reasons why companies select Boomi for their EDI needs. Here are some of the top 3 reasons to utilize Boomi EDI Integration:


1. Cost Savings vs. Traditional EDI Platforms

 When you integrate Boomi B2B/EDI, Boomi can provide your company with significant cost savings. Boomi’s EDI pricing structure is based on the number of trading partners. Traditional EDI platform pricing is based on the volume of documents that flow through the integration. Another important cost consideration is that Boomi allows your company to send more relevant communications to existing and future partners of your business. Given that EDI is so widely used, integrating with Boomi will help your business open more doors to work with more carriers, customers and partners. Check out our eBook We dive into the details of the benefits of integrating Boomi B2B/EDI in our eBook, 8 Lessons Learned from Boomi Integrations, where we dive into more details on the benefits of integrating with Boomi. 


2. Integrate Easily on a Single Unified Platform

Boomi provides a seamless integration when working with a Boomi Select partner, like VistaVu. Since EDI is used so widely in the modern business world, Boomi will enhance your company’s ability to process orders, payments and conduct real time performance reporting in one platform. Utilizing a single unified platform will also allow for your business to speed up the troubleshooting and resolution process. 


3. Stacked Security Solutions

The Boomi AtomSphere platform features a three-tiered, full-stacked security framework, for both on-prem and cloud systems. This framework provides security at the following levels:

  1. Data level
  2. Platform and application layer
  3. Facilities and network infrastructure

For facilities and networks, the Boomi platform features The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants prescribed SSAE 16 Type-2 SOC 1 security standards. Also, SSL 256-bit encryption is used for communication between atom to data centers whereas outbound communications use HTTPS port 443.

Boomi allows the creation or import of public and private x509 keys to be used for the purposes of Signing, Encryption, MDN Signing and SSL transmission of EDI documents. For every registration of a user account and account activation, the Boomi platform creates a private and public x509 key of which the system stores at data centers. 

Boomi’s Trading Partner Management system will lower your company’s corporate risk exposure. Trading partners are managed in one place. Changes to Signing, Encryption, SSL certificates, and AS2 configuration can be easily updated and propagated to all integrations that interact with the trading partner. This ensures that there is limited down time or when there are updates to trading partner settings or certificate renewals. The risk of integrations failing due to an overlooked configuration setting is unlikely because of the design of the partner setting management system.  



Modernize Your Business with Boomi EDI

 When you integrate with Boomi and move away from your traditional EDI platform, you are able to realize modernization opportunities, such as: 

  • Enhancing configurations in error handling
  • Validating data
  • Increasing connectivity with partners
  • Improving order fulfillment and tracking
  • Quickly onboarding new partners

Boomi EDI is an excellent solution for innovative businesses that want to stay ahead of the curve. Through Boomi’s direct interaction with EDI data, Boomi addresses data issues or changes in real time to help your company standardize and grow your bottom line. 

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