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Boomi Partners: What you need to know

Learn why working with a Boomi Partner is essential for successful data integration and automation projects. Discover the benefits of hiring a certified Boomi expert and find out how to choose the right partner for your business needs. Contact VistaVu, a leading Boomi Partner, for expert assistance.



What is a Boomi Partner?

In a March 2020 survey of IT and business executives at mid-market enterprises conducted by IDG produced interesting results. 95% of respondents indicated that they are either Very likely or Extremely likely to leverage a third party for help with data integration and automation projects. 

A popular choice for many enterprises moving forward with these integration projects is Boomi. With over 10,000 businesses using Boomi for integration projects, many of them choose to work with a Boomi Partner. Partners can augment their team and the success of their projects and provide valuable advice on how to work with Boomi. 

These partners are certified Boomi experts and help businesses who are struggling with integration projects or who are new to the Boomi Platform. They can help identify best practices and leverage previous experience with system integrations to speed up development time. These implementation services can help increase time to value. 

The other category of services Partners can provide is Managed Services. When companies determine they don’t want to dedicate, or don’t have internal resources to learn and focus on the Boomi Platform there are alternatives for them. A managed services partner can stand up and manage the platform, develop the integrations or flows, setup master data rules and monitor them continuously to ensure they perform. 

In this post, we’ll go into the details of how the Boomi Partner Program works, why you should work with Boomi partners and how to find Boomi partners to work with.


What is the Boomi Partner Program?

Boomi’s Partner Program offers IT consultancies, systems integrators, consultants, and more an opportunity to become certified experts in the Boomi platform. By partnering with Boomi, these companies receive benefits such as training, new revenue streams, product testing, additional support resources and other additional benefits that depend on the type of partner they are and their partner level. 

They get exposure to in-depth product information and a wide range of enterprise clients who need Boomi implementation support. Boomi benefits by these companies becoming evangelists of the Boomi platform and introducing their software to new businesses. Ultimately, the Boomi Partner Program is focused on helping businesses get the most out of Boomi to deliver success for their Data Transformation projects.




Why you should hire a Boomi partner?

Boomi partners are trained and certified on the Boomi platform. Their main goal is to help businesses implement Boomi while providing much-needed support if technical issues pop up. Boomi partners also can provide managed services to monitor integrations and resolve issues. Integrating your business’s apps takes time, and using a platform like Boomi can make it easier, but only if you have the expertise required to use the platform. 

Here’s why you should hire a Boomi partner for integration projects, implementation and managed services:


Integration Expertise

Boomi partners are experts in integration projects and generally have a wide exposure to many different systems, banks and trading partners that are often the integrations you may be needing they’ve done previously. 

If you work with a Boomi partner and have internal resources that you are trying to educate, they will benefit from the cloud collaboration that is possible to accelerate their skills in best practice learnings. Partners can guide you through how they’re managing the integrations, layout and organize libraries, do accelerated data mapping and provide best practices. 


Implementation Services

As mentioned previously Implementation Services can help to augment your team. Boomi partners are trained in cloud-to-cloud and hybrid on-premise deployments and implementation. Some of the benefits of working with a Boomi partner for implementation include:

  • Proven best practices for development, and error handling 
  • Resources dedicated to the Dell Boomi implementation
  • Development practices to enable scalable and reliable Dell Boomi services 

Working with a user-focused and proven partner to augment your team will result in a faster time to value and a solution that is capable of solving business-specific problems. Boomi experts drive scoping, development, testing, and deployment to ensure smooth go-lives and transitions to your internal teams. The best Boomi partners use best practices and experienced teams to work with you to deliver a solution that is managed to minimize risk.


Boomi Managed Services

Boomi managed services partners define, create, deploy, and manage the Boomi platform as a core part of the complete package of value-added services that they provide. They maintain all the certifications required to develop and support production environments on the platform. They are trained and have experience in other areas of the platform that customers tend to grow into like Master Data Management, Automated workflows, and others. 

Managed service providers also give great value at a competitive price compared to hiring more in-house developers. They can provide higher retention and lower maintenance needs while focusing on high-availability and business continuity. 

They also solve several crucial shortcomings of most integration solutions by managing customizations dynamically which decreases the implementation time of SaaS integrations. Instead of copying one-off coded integrations repeatedly in order to handle customizations, Boomi’s AtomSphere helps separate the customizations from the integration process. This allows you to have one copy of the integration process, and at the time of deployment, these customizations can be implemented to extend the process of integration further.


Ongoing Support

Even if you don’t use a Boomi partner for managed services, they can still provide ongoing support if needed. These support contracts are usually negotiated as part of the project and can last a predetermined amount of time (3 months, 6 months, etc.).




Boomi Partners vs. In-house Boomi Teams

Boomi Partners are not competitive with your in-house teams. A Boomi Partner’s goal is to be a value-added resource for your internal Boomi team. By working with Boomi partners instead of against them, your projects will have a much higher chance of being successful and staying within budget.




Partner with VistaVu – a Leading Boomi Partner

VistaVu is a Global Select Boomi partner that has integrated many business apps for our clients across cloud and hybrid environments. We are both an Implementation Services partner and one of the few North American partners to offer Managed Services because of our experience in running multi-tenant environments on AWS. We can accelerate your integration plan with trained and certified Boomi implementation experts. 

VistaVu’s Boomi developers help with scoping, testing, deployment, development, and managed services. We also train your staff on Boomi best practices and provide documentation to help maintain the integration progress or can support your integrations through consistent monitoring and error resolution. 

With our integration expertise, we can use Boomi to link ERP systems like Sage, and SAP to other point solutions like Shopify, Salesforce, Concur, Workday, ADP, and many others. We also have extensive experience with supply chain and EDI Trading Partners for countless document types with major manufacturers.

Is your current Boomi integration project not meeting deadlines or goals? We can increase the pace of your integration project by supporting scoping, development, testing and deployment. We also train your staff on Boomi best practices and provide documentation to help maintain the integration progress. 

VistaVu also offers certified managed services for Boomi. Think of us as your outsourced integrations team if you need more Boomi support. Our staff maintains all certifications needed for the Boomi platform. And we support your integrations through consistent monitoring and error resolution. 

Learn more about how VistaVu helps with Boomi implementation and managed services.





The Boomi Partner Program is a great resource for enterprises that need help with Boomi implementation and managed services. Boomi works closely with its partners to ensure their integration projects are successful and ultimately help businesses grow. If you’re using Boomi (or considering it), start working with a Boomi partner to help kickstart your projects. If you don’t know which Boomi partner to work with, consider VistaVu. 

To talk to us about how VistaVu can help with your Boomi projects, contact us by clicking the button below.