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Boomi vs. Informatica Cloud

Choose the right integration platform for your business. Compare Boomi and Informatica Cloud to make an educated decision for your technology investment.



As more companies begin to recognize the impact of having a digitally transformed environment, the number of integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) providers continues to grow. Choosing the right integration platform for your business is one of the most important decisions to make at any company. Irrespective of the size, industry, or specialization, every company needs to elevate its digital transformation strategy to remain competitive.

Cloud integration is a game-changer for companies. It helps businesses connect and modernize their technology structures, while eliminating system redundancy and IT overhead struggles. Not integrating systems leaves businesses at risk of slow functionality and relevance. For small to mid-sized companies looking to scale and implement a new integration platform, there are a number of options available. It’s important to evaluate these options and their specifications before selecting your iPaaS provider.

Currently, there are two major players in cloud integration technologies – Boomi and Informatica Cloud.

Here, we evaluate these integration platforms to help small and mid-sized companies compare the differences and make the most educated decision for their technology investment.

Boomi: Background and History

Boomi is a cloud-based application that integrates with the use of a graphical front-end interface. It integrates between ERP systems, has access to platform APIs, and has connectors that enable new integration to flow easily in a rapid parallel method. In addition, Boomi has API management, B2B/EDI, and master data hub as major pillars of its portfolio.

Its procedures are referred to as shapes, and they support prebuilt transformation while giving users the option of creating custom preload transformations in a format that suits the destination. Dell acquired Boomi in 2010. It has become the fastest-growing acquisition in Dell’s history, as it helps businesses from around the world and across industries address their most daunting integration challenges.

Informatica Cloud: Background and History

In contrast, Informatica Cloud provides a portfolio of different data integration products and tools that cover API management, master data management, data cataloging, and data quality. It’s primarily focused on preload transformations, especially with a prebuilt library. Informatica Cloud originally started out as an on-prem tools provider. However, it has now moved on to offer its integration on a cloud platform.

Boomi vs. Informatica Cloud

Both Boomi and Informatica Cloud are two iPaaS providers that are quickly becoming the prominent leaders in the cloud integration technology space. However, there are still specific features that differentiate what they provide. For companies that are evaluating integration platforms, here is a detailed comparison of Boomi and Informatica Cloud.

Company Size & Volume of Data

Informatica Cloud is designed for mid to large organizations as it can handle a large amount of data that can define large warehousing strategies. Boomi can be used by any size company, and it supports the flexibility that may be required by smaller companies in building the landscape of their technology. Boomi does accept less source systems than Informatica, but, Boomi’s integration can be high volume, and data can be handled appropriately. This means that your company’s data can be adequately managed and processed, no matter its size.

Data Sources & Destinations

Informatica Cloud provides over 100 applications and databases, compared to the 80 application connectors of Boomi, however Informatica only supports one cloud data warehouse, the Amazon Redshift. On the other hand, Boomi automatically adds new connectors in each release, which means it not only works with the multiple existing systems but is also able to connect with more recent designs. Boomi also works with 22 technology connectors that allows users to write their custom connectors in Java. This provides clients with unlimited access to cloud data warehouses, irrespective of their connectors or systems, whenever they use Boomi.

Routing and Transformation Activities

From routing and orchestration, to transformation and error handling, Boomi provides integration and routing capabilities for on-prem and cloud-native systems. This gives companies the flexibility and ease of handling their errors or route their activities faster with Boomi, more than any other cloud integration service. Informatica requires technical skills for users to add the functions they need, whereas the predefined functions of Boomi can be used even without any coding experience.

Advanced Tools

Boomi provides high-tech tools that allow for proper management of integration flow and general lifecycle management. This feature in Boomi allows for better operational monitoring when compared to other iPaaS technologies. In addition, the unique user management system from Boomi enables each user to have their own access category, e.g., admin, view-only access, developer, etc. This allows a user to access Boomi without compromising other’s work.

On the other hand, Informatica Cloud is only limited to the basic management tools and doesn’t really allow for the ability to operate on an ideal integration flow level.

Data Quality and Governance

Boomi’s sophisticated tools provide higher data quality management capacity, and this feature is attributed to its cloud-native master data management (MDM) solution. In 2013, Boomi’s MDM was integrated with Logate Engine. Because of the integration, organizations of all sizes now have the data quality capabilities they need to compete in the global market.  Informatica Cloud makes provision for a Master Data Management solution, it’s limited to only a few documentations and therefore limits the data quality capabilities.

Ease of Use

Boomi offers a vast level of support and community for users. From email support, live chat, and phone support, it’s relatively easy to use, and it provides regular product updates to the user community. Informatica offers three support levels – basic success that works during business hours, premium success, and signature success that requires special requests. The premium success and signature success come with additional costs, however Informatica’s support ecosystem is more sophisticated.

Boomi: The Best iPaaS on the Market

Boomi is the best iPaaS option for SMBs looking for a straightforward toolset that helps both business and technical personnel implement change with agility. Boomi helps SMBs reduce siloed systems and technology overhead that companies may currently be experiencing. It’s essential to choose an iPaaS provider that helps adopt the best cloud technologies and can easily integrate.

VistaVu Solutions: Your Boomi Integration Partner

As a mid-market company, you know it’s critical to integrate all of your systems to take control of your data and work processes. In today’s environment, it’s the best way to offer the connected experiences your customers and employees want.

Unfortunately, many companies lack the expertise required to implement integration to prepare for digital transformation. VistaVu Solutions is a select Boomi integration partner with years of experience in helping companies scale and optimize. VistaVu Solutions can:

  • Help you fully integrate your systems via Boomi: We have the knowledge and proven track record to connect your different systems to solutions such as SAP, Workday, ADP, and Salesforce through the Boomi platform. As a result, you’ll experience the growth and management capabilities of integration.
  • Accelerate your Boomi integration project: We can scope, develop, test and deploy integration on your behalf while you focus on your business. If you need further assistance, we can provide knowledgeable resources to augment your in-house Boomi team to help develop, test, and even monitor your platform after initial deployment.
  • Position you for future success: We won’t leave you on your own to figure out your new platform. We’ll help train your staff and provide comprehensive documentation and tools to maintain your integrations going forward.

Ready to Integrate? Reach Out to One of Our Boomi Experts Today!

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