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How Boomi Supports Data Migrations

Discover how Boomi, a powerful data migration tool owned by Dell, simplifies the process of transferring data between different systems. Learn how Boomi compares to other migration tools and how VistaVu Solutions can help you with your data migration needs. Connect with an expert today!



Data migration is the process of transferring data between different systems. Typically, data is transferable in file or data storage formats, and when they’re going from old systems to new ones, they go through a particular mapping system. Mapping systems are the ways through which data is designed and set for extraction.

Data migration is essential for reasons ranging from application migration, website consolidation, and storage equipment replacements, to maintenance activities and data center migration. While all of these are important, it can be an onerous and time-consuming task, and running it manually can be almost impossible. Therefore, it’s important to use tools that can simplify the data migration process and make it more seamless for extracting data from old systems, transferring data to new ones, and verifying the data accurately.

There are many tools out there that support data migration, and Boomi, owned by Dell, is a viable solution that integrates data and supports all forms of data migration.  VistaVu has delivered numerous successful data migration services for various organizations, and based on our experience, we have developed a comprehensive comparison of Boomi vs. three other data migration tools to help you make the best decision for your business.



1) Boomi vs. Azure Database Migration Service


Azure Document Data Migration Tool is owned by Microsoft and is particularly useful in moving data from various sources to the Azure platforms. However, while Boomi offers full-table database replication, Azure only provides one-time migration and isn’t best suited for continuing replication. It also doesn’t allow customers to add new data sources, which is a significant feature of Boomi.

Azure Database Migration Services provides a rudimentary way of migrating from on-prem servers to Azure data platforms like SQL Database, Azure MySQL, or Azure Cosmos. On the other hand, Boomi handles all forms of transformations, either prebuilt transformations or user-created ones, through coding JavaScript or Groovy scripts. Boomi supports all types of databases compared to Azure and can be installed in different configurations, e.g., molecules, which boost load balancing and higher availability for critical integration processes.

Azure Database Migration Service integrates with approximately ten on-prem database sources and six Azure database destinations. Comparatively, Boomi integrates with multiple systems and supports two types of connectors – application and technology connectors.



2) Boomi vs. AWS Database Migration Service


The Boomi solution has a very user-friendly interface migration service. It has excellent documentation and solutions that make work more efficient. Users can use it with little or no technical background as they supply adequate support and self-taught integration. On the other hand, the AWS Database Migration Service requires greater support for users who require in-depth technical knowledge and background. Also, AWS’ bandwidth isn’t independent of the network and could cause interruption while using the product.

New Boomi users can efficiently integrate themselves into the system and move data to the cloud. AWS makes it tough to migrate and push data from on-prem to the cloud because of its limited services.


3) Boomi vs. Qlik Replicate


Qlik lacks the adequate support that Boomi provides to users. From email, phone, and live chats, Boomi users are fully supported through the data migration process and are connected to a network of other users.

Qlik also requires immense technical know-how when compared to how intuitive Boomi is. Boomi requires low code, but still gives a high-configuration platform, which is what many companies look for.

Even though Qlik helps transform data at the latest migration stage and is almost in real-time, it lacks close integration with data catalysts. Boomi, on the other hand, has a lot of connectors. It flows between different systems, which may be one of the most valuable features of the tool when considering the mapping of data, data integration, and interface mapping.


VistaVu Solutions: Your Boomi Data Migration Partner

As a mid-market company, you know it’s critical to integrate all of your systems to take control of your data and work processes. In today’s environment, it’s the best way to offer the connected experiences your customers and employees want.

Unfortunately, many companies lack the expertise required to implement data migration processes to prepare for digital transformation. VistaVu Solutions is a select Boomi integration partner with years of experience in helping companies scale and optimize.

Their most recent Data Migration project focused on transferring a client’s contract data from multiple acquired companies to a central ERP system and deprecating the old contract monitoring systems. The solution in this case required a modular, extensible data migration process using Boomi.

VistaVu was able to quickly accommodate the extraction, transformation, and load of data from systems of the new acquisitions, automating many of the data validation steps that otherwise would have been done manually by the client.

With Boomi, an error report is generated after the migration takes place, enabling the client to fix any data that was not migrated successfully.

By working with a Boomi partner, you can save your team time validating and manually migrating data. Instead, you can work with an experienced BA to develop a custom set of rules to automate the transformation and migration of data. VistaVu works closely with clients to test and build quality and maximally automated solutions.

VistaVu Solutions can:

  • Help you fully integrate your systems via Boomi: We have the knowledge and proven track record to connect your different systems to solutions such as SAP, Workday, ADP, and Salesforce through the Boomi platform. As a result, you’ll experience the growth and management capabilities of integration.
  • Accelerate your Boomi integration project: We can scope, develop, test and deploy integration on your behalf while you focus on your business. If you need further assistance, we can augment your in-house Boomi team to help develop, test, and even monitor your platform after initial deployment.
  • Position you for future success: We won’t leave you on your own to figure out your new platform. We’ll help train your staff and provide the necessary documentation and tools to maintain your integrations going forward.


Are you ready to take advantage of the benefits that Boomi’s integration platform can offer? Allow our experts to support you. To learn more about Dell Boomi, connect with an expert today.