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FieldVu R2304 | Release Highlights

FieldVu Mobile now supports multi-language functionality, allowing users to choose their preferred language. 

FieldVu Mobile Multi-Language Support

Since the FieldVu back-office application now allows the User to choose which language they work in, we wanted to bring that same functionality to FieldVu Mobile.

The User can now select from a large list of languages in the Settings screen — which is accessed from the User menu in the top right:

This will then refresh the application so that all non-data fields are shown in the desired language.

If any poor translations are noticed, please let us know and we can update the translation files as needed.

Non-Serialized Assets

To date, FieldVu has only supported Serialized assets. These are typically large, unique pieces of equipment that will each have a serial number that they can be tracked by. Serialized assets are typically used for Rental applications.

However, there is also a large demand for renting Non-Serialized assets — which are now supported in FieldVu. These are assets where the company owns a large quantity of identical items and provides them for rental jobs. A typical example are temporary fencing sections for events. Rather than being Dispatched and billed by a unique serial number, non-serialized assets are dispatched and billed by Quantity.

Non-serial assets are brought into FieldVu by creating a new Equipment Type and choosing “Non-Serialized” as the Serialization Type. This step will automatically create a new Equipment record with the same Name/Code combination.

The resulting Equipment Type is automatically set up for Quantity Billing and to be Rentable. The User can then add any rental cycle Charge Items they desire.

Under the Equipment Management screen for the Non-Serialized asset, there is a new Quantity tab which will allow the User to Add Branches which will contain the asset, and then edit the Total Quantity at that Branch. Any quantities which are currently Dispatched Out on a rental job will also show on this screen, as well as the resulting quantity Available to rent.

Non-Serialized assets can now be assigned to any Job in the Schedule screen, where the Quantity required (and source Branch) can also be set if desired.

Now that the Non-Serialized asset is assigned to the Job, the Dispatch and Rental Billing screens will incorporate the Quantity being rented, instead of the Serial Number as with Serialized assets.

Visual Distinction Between Environments

As some Admin Users may frequently be working in both the QA and Production environments of FieldVu, we have made the header styling distinct between the two to ensure that it is clear which environment is being used. This should make it easier to avoid making changes in Production when the User thinks they’re working in QA.

However, sometimes it is desirable to have the QA environment look the same as Production for training purposes or screen shots. Therefore, in the Profile Settings menu there is a checkbox to Simulate Production Header. This can be toggled on/off as needed.