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FieldVu Release | FV2004

Discover the latest release of FieldVu (FV2004) that simplifies field service operations and boosts profitability. Get a sneak peek at the exciting enhancements and customer-requested features now available. Find out how FieldVu's frequent releases ensure quick responsiveness to your changing needs. Explore the reporting and data improvements designed to streamline your day-to-day work and drive operational efficiency. Let FieldVu help your company RUN GREAT!



FieldVu version FV2004 is now available for field service companies to simplify their day to day work and improve their bottom line.

This general release to FieldVu Cloud and FieldVu Mobile includes enhancements, customer suggested features and corrections developed since release FV2002 in February 2020.

This release concentrates on reporting and data. FieldVu captures and maintains field transactional and sales data. This data is the key to running profitable field operations. We are making it easier to quickly see document details and to report on operational efficiency.

These report and data enhancements were requests from existing customers. We listen to our customers and we react quickly to help them meet their always changing needs.

We schedule new releases every two months on each even numbered month. Our next release is FV2006, scheduled for June 2020.

Very few solution providers offer such responsiveness to their customers. At FieldVu, we understand that our frequent releases allow us to quickly provide new features to meet our customers ever changing needs. If you have a requirement, we can get it in your hands in just a couple of months, not the once or twice a year updates of many other solution providers.

Let us know what you need to make your company RUN GREAT!

What’s in FV2004?


FieldVu Cloud

Reporting and Data

Line Item Details Displayed for Approvals
It is now easier for field ticket and work order approvers to see the line item details when deciding to approve or reject the documents. There is new expander arrow on the list screen that shows the labor, equipment and material line items.


Some FieldVu Mobile implementations hide the pricing on field tickets and work order from the field customer. In this case, the line item details will show the pricing in FieldVu Cloud for the approvers, but the pricing will still not be visible for the field customer.

Job Rental Equipment Report

This report answers the question ‘What rental assets are on these jobs?’. Instead of looking at each job dispatch record, users can now run this report from the Jobs Export function and get a list of all assets for the selected jobs. The report lists the equipment type, serial numbers, customer and location for the jobs.

Rental Time Report

This report answers the question ‘When did these rental jobs send equipment out and when did the equipment return?’. The report shows the created, dispatch out and dispatch in dates for a job, plus any associated billing documents.

This report compliments the Field Ticket Time and Work Order Time reports. Time reports are now standard for all three document types.

Equipment Screen – Manufacturer Serial Number

For customers that track equipment by both their own unit number and the manufacturer serial number, we have included the manufacturer serial number to the Equipment list screen. This allows for quick searching of unit by either number.


FieldVu Mobile

Chrome Spell Checker

Field tickets and work orders now use the Chrome spell checker to detect spelling errors for the description fields. Spelling is checked using the standard American dictionary.  Words with errors are highlighted by a red underline but are not automatically corrected.

Right clicking on a highlighted word offers spelling suggestions and the ability to add the word to the dictionary.