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FieldVu Release | FV2006

Introducing the latest FieldVu release! Discover equipment management and global search features that streamline field service operations. Make informed decisions with real-time data. Upgrade your productivity today!

June is here and that means it is time for another FieldVu release.  Every other month we release a new version of FieldVu, so that field service companies can simplify their day to day work and improve their bottom line.


With this release, we are introducing two new functions – equipment management and global search.



Equipment Management

This is a great new feature that allows equipment and asset managers to get a quick snapshot of the performance of any piece of equipment.


This includes revenue and repair scorecards, so you can see which equipment is running great and which needs help.

We also have live data from connected IoT devices.  If you hook up equipment with IoT devices, FieldVu can read that data and make it easy to see and understand.  You can see real time performance and location information.

This helps you make smarter and quicker decisions based on real data.


Global Search

This makes it so easy to search the entire system for any text.  This searches jobs, tickets, equipment and data for your selected text.  We are using the latest elastic search technology and it is fast!


Both of these new functions use the latest technology available.  We identify what is out there in the ever changing world of technology and add it to our products to help our customers.

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