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FieldVu Release | FV2008

Discover the latest release of FieldVu, FV2008, focused on supporting multiple company implementations using SAP Business ByDesign. Simplify your field service management and improve your bottom line with seamless multi-company functionality. Download the highlights document for more information.



August is here and that means it is time for another FieldVu release. Every other month we release a new version of FieldVu, so that field service management companies can simplify their day to day work and improve their bottom line.


With this general release of FieldVu Cloud and FieldVu Mobile we are focusing on new functionality in the areas of supporting Multiple Company Implementations using SAP Business ByDesign.





Multi-Company Support

Field Service and Rental companies often have multiple legal entities such as requiring specific FieldVu functionality. With this release, FieldVu will now handle multiple companies operating in the same SAP Business ByDesign instance. This is an extensive change to FieldVu and affects many screens, however the experience is seamless and supports users with responsibilities in many companies, including Field Workers.



FieldVu Cloud

Users in FieldVu Cloud now have a selector in the top right corner across most screens for managing which company they are working within. The data on the screens adjusts depending on which company context you are currently working in.




FieldVu Mobile

When a user exists at multiple companies, FieldVu Mobile will provide them with an option to choose which company they want to work within for that login session. Although this is rare for Field Workers, it is important for back-office users who need to periodically make corrections to Field Tickets and Work Orders prior to invoicing.



These new updates use the latest technology available. We identify what is out there in the ever changing world of technology and add it to our products in order to improve our customer’s experience. The product team is currently working on new ways for Time Entry into FieldVu workflows, which will soon include payroll integrations. Stay tuned for these, and other new features in the upcoming releases.

Click here to download the FieldVu Release FV2008 Highlights Document.