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FieldVu Release | FV2011

Discover the latest release of FieldVu, FV2011, focused on job performance, job costing, dispatch updates, and custom forms. Improve your field service management and boost your bottom line. Stay tuned for more features in upcoming releases.


Our FieldVu release came a month early, with FV2011 being pushed into production this evening. Every other month we release a new version of FieldVu, so that field service management companies can simplify their day to day work and improve their bottom line.

With this general release of FieldVu we are focusing on understanding the performance of Jobs at a summary and detail level, as well as refinements to the Dispatch and other fixes and improvements.



Job Costing

Knowing which jobs are and aren’t making money is essential feedback to operations and finance teams to take big steps to improving margins in an easily quantifiable manner. This information is also a key input to things like Customer specific price lists. Transparency is key, and now you can see your margins as the work is being performed and know where to course correct while the job is happening, and not afterwards.


Job Costing Report

This provides a high level overview of all the jobs in the system and how they’re performing. Filtering by customer or branch provides an easy way to group and find what you’re looking for. If you are comfortable with Excel, you can export the data to do further analysis.

If you’re concerned about the wrong person accessing this information, no need to worry since we’ve put this report behind permissions as it can be viewed as potentially sensitive information.


1-Oct-27-2023-09-33-18-0074-PM Click to see image



Job Profit

Knowing the details for each job is important, this is how we know what went well, and how we can improve. The Job Profit tab gives us these details down to the line level of all associated documents. This screen also gives us confidence in terms of how accurate the information is by showing Exceptions in the data where information may be missing or incorrect, resulting in having understated expenses and inflated profit.


2-Oct-27-2023-09-33-19-0816-PM Click to see image



We’ve added the ability to update specific meter values for Equipment, right on the dispatch screen. We’ve also introduced the concept of a Dispatch Ticket that can be used if you’re needing documentation for internal or external use.


 3-Oct-27-2023-09-33-19-0686-PMClick to see image



Custom Forms

One of the value added features for the Field Workers is tracking additional information that may or may not fit well into a ticket. We’ve added some configuration where you can specify a single form and it be shown as it’s own tab, making the entry of the information simpler and more intuitive. This can be seen below as the “Safety Inspection” tab.


 4-Oct-27-2023-09-33-18-7002-PMClick to see image


Click here to download the FieldVu 2011 Release Highlights Document

These new updates use the latest technology available. We identify what is out there in the ever changing world of technology and add it to our products in order to improve our customer’s experience. Stay tuned for  new features in the upcoming releases.