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FieldVu Release | FV2102

Discover the latest release of FieldVu, FV2102, featuring new functionality for Job Costing and Labor Processing. Improve your field service management and boost your bottom line. Scheduled for production on February 16th, 2021.


February is here and that means it is time for our FieldVu 2102 release. Every other month we release a new version of FieldVu, so that field service management companies can simplify their day to day work and improve their bottom line.

With this general release of FieldVu we are focusing on adding new functionality to both Job Costing and Labor Processing. We’ve also added various fixes, and some notable performance improvements for our deep integrations.

This release is scheduled to be pushed into Production the evening of February 16th, 2021.



Job Costing

When we add material to Field Tickets and Work Orders, we show the estimated costs in the Job Costing report. However, when we approve these documents and push them to the ERP system for billing, we now pull the actual costs of that inventory from the ERP system and update Job Costing, making it more accurate for decision making.




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On the Job Profit tab you can now export the data into Excel for additional analysis as you see fit.


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Labor Processing

Various improvements were made to this recently released module, including adding the Unapproved Field Tickets and Work Orders, so a payroll reviewer can see the full picture of someone’s hours which were entered into FieldVu. We also improved some of the user experience where updates are now more obvious and we consolidate the ticket generation as best as possible.


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Another notable addition was the ability to download a payroll review file. This is an excel file that has an easy to review/consume list of details being sent to payroll. This file can be pre-templated by customers by having pre-determined Pivot tables/charts to help consume the information quickly. Payroll needs to be correct, and this new feature improves the accuracy prior to paying your workers.


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Due to FieldVu being tightly integrated with your ERP system, this means that we are constantly getting updates for things like master data (Business Partners, Fixed Assets, etc), as well as transactional data (Service Orders, Inventory, etc). From time to time, mass updates in the ERP system can trigger mass updates in FieldVu which can affect the performance of the system. In this release we have implemented a more robust design to ensure these updates are performed without negatively impacting your experience with FieldVu.

Click here to download the FieldVu 2102 Release Highlights Document

These new updates use the latest technology available. We identify what is out there in the ever changing world of technology and add it to our products in order to improve our customer’s experience. Stay tuned for  new features in the upcoming releases.