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What’s New in SAP Business ByDesign 22.11

Discover the latest features and functionality in SAP Business ByDesign 22.11 release, including Microsoft Outlook integration, new workflow rules, 1099 and 1042-S reporting updates, and a new solution for handling landed costs. Stay updated and optimize your business processes with SAP Business ByDesign 22.11.

The release of SAP Business ByDesign 22.11 dropped in early November 2022, bringing some new high-value features and functionality. Let’s take a look at the 22.11 release and some of these new features. 

Microsoft Outlook Integration 

There has been a lot of user interest during the development of the SAP Business ByDesign add-in for Microsoft Outlook. This integration feature has arrived in the 22.11 release, and gives you the ability to: 

  1. Create service requests from incoming e-mails. 
  2. Synchronize contacts, e-mails, appointments, and tasks to and from Outlook. 
  3. Associate Outlook contacts, emails, tasks, and appointments with SAP Business ByDesign accounts, contacts, campaigns, leads, and opportunities. 

The Microsoft Outlook Integration feature is compatible with Outlook 2007 (32-bit or 64-bit versions) or higher. For information on how to get and install the add-in, visit this page on the SAP Help Portal. 

New Workflow Rules 

SAP Business ByDesign users can create and edit workflow rules that activate internal and external notifications when certain defined conditions are met. In the 22.11 release, users can now create workflow rules for the following business objects: 

  1. Credit Memo 
  2. Material 
  3. Service Product 

To learn more about using workflow rules, have a look at the Workflow Rules Quick Guide. 

1099 and 1042-S Reporting Updates 

The 22.11 release contains updates to the 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC forms to make them compliant with new IRS regulations for 2022. There are also new updates to the 1042-S file and form to get them into line with the new regs. You can read more about these updates here and here. 

Landed Costs 

SAP Business ByDesign 22.11 has a new solution for handling landed costs, such as freight or insurance for procured parts. This new functionality doesn’t replace the previous method for handling unplanned landed costs, whereby invoices which contain landed costs could be distributed to the posted material invoices. This method will still be supported in the future.  

The new landed costs feature offers the following benefits (summary taken from this SAP blog): 

  1. The option to plan landed costs in purchase orders, in addition to the material price, helps the purchaser to gain greater transparency of the total costs. 
  2. Consider the planned landed costs at goods receipt posting for inventory valuation to get an early impact on the inventory valuation for materials with material valuation moving average. The solution also supports materials with material valuation standard and landed costs that are expensed. 
  3. Allocate invoiced landed costs to the goods receipt as a basis for updating the planned amounts with the actual amounts with its subsequent clearing in financials. The allocation is also possible in case no landed costs are planned upfront in the purchase orders. 
  4. Analyze additional landed costs for a material and compare planned and actual amounts. 

We hope that all our SAP Business ByDesign users will appreciate the new functionality in the 22.11 release. For more information and links to additional resources, check out the 22.11 release blog on the SAP site.