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Managed Application Services (MAS)


Our MAS (Managed Application Services) program enables you to continuously improve your ERP for a greater ROI without needing to hire additional personnel. For a monthly subscription, you get certified developers & industry experts that identify your business needs, build out solutions, and then manage & support those applications.


Unleash the Potential of Your Business with an ERP Assessment: Enhancing Efficiency and Maximizing Growth

As part of our MAS Agreement offering, we are thrilled to provide a valuable and complimentary benefit: an ERP Assessment. This assessment, equivalent to the allocated monthly hours, aims to analyze your business operations and identify opportunities for improvement. In this blog post, we will delve into the significance of an ERP assessment and briefly highlight the benefits of choosing SAP ERPs, a leading solution in the ERP landscape.


MAS FAQ – What is MAS?

What is MAS? Managed Application Services or MAS is a support agreement that provides predictable costing for additional work to get critical post-implementation work done. At VistaVu, we work with companies to secure a set number of monthly service hours that allows...


What is Managed Application Services (MAS)?

Managed Application Services is a support agreement for companies to secure a set number of service hours a month through their provider to add additional assistance for their team. MAS helps small and midsize companies extend their IT teams without the additional investment in hiring and training new staff to get critical post implementation work done.

Solution Catalogs

These catalogs were designed to highlight various scopes of enhancement projects that can be delivered either as projects, or using MAS hours. Although there is uniqueness to every customers’ system configurations, these books may serve as a guide to present ideas for enhancement or optimization in your systems following Go-Live.


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